Our mission, vision and values together with our objectives express our philosophy, our impulse value and the company’s aim.

– Create value for the regional community and for our people.
– To be the first choice in light aluminum wheel manufacturing business.
– Achieve an optimum level in our process, products and quality services.
– Achieve our client’s loyalty and become their strategic partners.
– To give training, development and appealing opportunities to our people.
– To keep our ethical standards and our responsibility with the environment.

– To be national leaders in the design, manufacturing and distribution of light aluminum wheels for the OEM automotive industry
– To be considered by our clients as an important partner in the automotive industry both in the regional business and Mercosur.
– To have the necessary technology to comply with the new international standards, keeping a good competitive level and an excellent service.


Always perform with honesty with our clients, competitors, suppliers, human resources and the community.

Quality Concern

Trabajar por la mejora continua en la calidad de todos los procesos y productos.

Care of the enviroment

Guide our industrial management towards the environment’s protection.

Commitment with our customers

Find the best solutions that satisfy our customer’s requirements.

Human Capital Respect

Promote the team’s spirit and the employee’s personal and professional development.



Manufacture and commercialize light aluminum wheels developing our process and management with social responsibility, taking care of the environment, the energy consumption and the natural resources.


Polimetal management is committed to comply with all the legal requirements and legislation relating to environment protection, waste generation and disposal, carrying out the follow up and continuous surveillance to warrantee this.


To create environment plans in order for our people to carry out their activities in a clean, wide, ventilated and work-friendly space that contributes to a pleasant working environment.

Quality Policy


The main objective of all Polimetal members and its suppliers is the QUALITY that reflects in:

  • Manufacture products that comply with our customer’s requirements.
  • Give a service responsible with our suppliers.
  • Offer our best product and the best cost.

To accomplish our objective every employee in its work station must put an effort in:

  • Do their tasks correctly from the first time.
  • Continuously contribute with suggestions that promote the constant improvement of the company.
  • Evaluate the processes throughout their execution to act preventively.
  • Take part of the people’s capability development and the company’s success with the pride and satisfaction that this produces.
  • Understand that everyone is customer and supplier within the company.

The directory understands that to achieve and keep this commitment it has to be taken into account the people´s dignity.

Roberto Baccanelli



The permanent work for the continuous improvement has allowed us to obtain the following certificates and recognitions:

  • ISO TS 16949
  • ISO 14001
  • Q1 Ford
  • Logistic Excellence Performance Award – Toyota
  • 640A Production Preparation Contribution Award – Toyota
  • Cost Performance Certificate – Toyota
  • Logistic Performance Certificate – Toyota